Founders and Advisors


Damon Nam Chief Executive Officer
Prior to starting Coin, Damon was a sixteen-year IT services professional at Microsoft. During his tenure, he assumed three different management roles within the Microsoft Services organization. In his last role as a US Services Partner Program Director, he was responsible for driving and managing the Preferred Services Partner program for the US; a program with approximately seventy-five partner organizations and a total book of business of over $90 million in revenue. Damon is responsible for architecting and executing the strategy and operations to drive Coin’s overall mission.
Byron Levels Chief Technology Officer
Byron Levels has 23 years of experience as an IT services professional with a wide range of expertise in developing solutions to help businesses succeed. Byron has worked for many Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, AT&T, and American Airlines. Byron is an architect and application developer with a strong focus on e-commerce and business application integration. Byron is responsible for driving the architecture, implementation, deployment, and support for all engineering needs for Coin.


Christina Apatow Area of Concentration: Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing
Christina Apatow is the Founder and CEO of FetchyFox. She was previously the Vice President of client solutions for API.AI and helped create and deliver new and innovative products with the company’s conversational UX platform. She orchestrated partnerships to create an ecosystem dedicated to customer experience ensuring intuitive, brand-unique AI agents for any application, device, and service. API.AI was acquired by Google in 2016. Christina earned her master's of science degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University.
Alex Mashinsky Area of Concentration: Blockchain and Technology
Alex is the Founder and CEO of Celsius Network. He is also one of the inventors of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) with a foundational patent dating back to 1994 and is now working on MOIP (Money Over Internet Protocol) technology. Over 35 patents have been issued to Alex, relating to exchanges, VOIP protocols, messaging, and communication. Alex has received numerous awards for innovation, including being nominated twice by E&Y as Entrepreneur of the year in 2002 & 2011; Crain’s 2010 Top Entrepreneur; the prestigious 2000 Albert Einstein Technology medal; and the Technology Foresight Award for Innovation.
Jeremy Gardner Area of Concentration: Blockchain and Technology
Jeremy Gardner is a young American cryptocurrency​ serial entrepreneur based in San Francisco and Los Angeles. As the co-founder of Augur prediction market and Ausum Ventures, he is widely regarded as a pioneer and expert in many areas regarding blockchain. He is also the founder of The Blockchain Education Network (College Cryptocurrency Network), a nonprofit “force for the good” made up of students and alumni across the world who are creating bitcoin and blockchain clubs on their academic campuses.
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