Coin is a community-first DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governed by its developers, token holders, network operators, users, and its community.
Developers A group of individuals that contribute to the engineering and development of the Coin network.
Token Holders Holders of the $COIN token.
Network Operators Liquidity providers and stakers on the Coin network.
Users A group of individuals that consume the Coin network and its products and services.
Community A group of individuals that support Coin and its relevant mission to democratize cryptocurrencies for the masses.

Community Resources

Coin community-led conversations can be located at:
Please note that no one at Coin will never:
  • Direct message (DM) you first
  • Request any funds, including loans, private deals, etc.
  • Solicit any opportunities including investment, career, business, etc.
Any inquiries above should be considered fraudulent and reported to help protect everyone in the community.