Upgrading $COIN Tokens

$COIN Token Upgrade Process

Upgrading previous $COIN security tokens is a very simple and quick process once you have deposited tokens into your Coin Wallet.
  1. 3.
    Swipe to the previous $COIN token version card for upgrade
  2. 4.
    Tap the orange Upgrade button
  3. 5.
    Tap the Checkmark to confirm your exchange request
To start, navigate to the card for the previous $COIN version you would like to upgrade. If Coin Wallet detects previous versions of $COIN in your wallet, an orange upgrade button will appear. From there, simply tap that button.
Confirm your upgrade request details.
Once confirmed, your tokens will be sent to a smart contract for upgrade execution. Once upgraded, the tokens will be sent back safely to your wallet for use.
Following your upgrade request, you will receive a request confirmation in your wallet transaction history. Tap the record to expand and obtain the status of your request directly on the blockchain. Tokens are only upgraded when the status is updated to Confirmed.


  • Coin Wallet currently has zero fees; however, will incur normal network fees for each blockchain. This includes failed (if sent to the smart contract) and successful upgrades. Current fees on $ETH can be anywhere between $2 - $100 USD depending on gas, token type, quantity, etc.
  • Your tokens are safely returned back to your wallet from the smart contract for all unsuccessful upgrade requests minus normal blockchain fees.
  • Upgrade requests are executed on-chain and execute at the speed of the Ethereum blockchain. This means transactions may take a few minutes based upon network conditions including congestion, etc.
  • Unlike exchange requests, you do not have to be online after submitting your upgrade request for it to execute.