What’s New

  • Added additional calls to updateFees to reduce swap failures
  • Added additional transaction error information on send transactions
  • Improved chart line styles
  • Improved the overall performance and memory usage of the wallet.


  • Send transaction status cards duplicated
  • Token upgrade status cards randomly disappear after a certain amount of time
  • Historic transaction dates loading with an incorrect or invalid date/time stamp
  • Unable to send BTC using the “fast” fee setting
  • Wallet crash due to out of memory condition
  • Wallet performance issue and slow load times
  • Asset amounts and balance randomly display incorrectly
  • High number of calls to Etherscan to retrieve transaction status/info

Known Issues

  • API calls to Etherscan can take up to 20 seconds to complete: During our testing, we have noticed that some calls to Etherscan can take up to 20 seconds to complete. During this time, the wallet may appear unresponsive as it is waiting for the request to Etherscan to return the results of the API call back to the wallet. We are investigating a better solution for this API call.
  • Not yet able to use “Username” functionality with the AI Assistant: We are still working to determine the best path forward for our @ functionality within the AI assistant. This requires a way to remain fully decentralized with the user wallet address whilst still allowing the end User to create a <username>.
  • Swap fees for ERC20 / ERC20 are still very high: The swapping fees are still very high in the wallet and we will continue to address this further in future builds. This is a standard issue with most atomic swap-type wallets/DEXs in the industry. Cross-chain swaps are the best option for normal fees in swapping in the wallet. You are welcome to swap ERC20 to/from ERC20/ETH if you so choose, but do so with the understanding that these fees will be excessive. We are continuing to explore ways of addressing the high fees for these swaps in future releases of the Coin Wallet.
  • Tokens not listed on CoinGecko will have no dollar values: The Coin Wallet retrieves pricing data from the CoinGecko API. Therefore, if you add a token that is not listed on CoinGecko, though the token (if it is entered correctly) will be added, there will be no dollar amount for this token displayed in the wallet. We are working toward addressing this issue by incorporating additional pricing oracles beyond CoinGecko in future releases.
  • Swap attempts may fail due to gas fees and errors: Users may receive a similar error to the below if the wallet agent experiences gas fee errors due to unexpected conditions. err: max fee per gas less than block base fee: address 0x4DC9f997Dea2a39F2079c965e6c05092d2162176, maxFeePerGas: 75000000000 baseFee: 82727105557 (supplied gas 2809087)