Features and Fixes

  • New RPC Endpoints Integrated This fix resolves the daily limitation issue experienced in previous builds.
  • A Preliminary Version of the AI Assistant The AI Assistant (which can be disabled in the settings menu) features the ability to recognize intents from any input field and allows you to quickly execute financial transactions such as:
    • Sending funds
    • Swapping tokens
    • Obtaining wallet balance and address
    • Obtaining token information
  • All Transactions Which Require ETH Gas Have a Multi-Tiered Retry Fix Implemented
    Some users have reported issues related to the following error: “insufficient funds for gas * price + value” or similar errors when attempting a transaction in the Coin Wallet. We have updated the logic to retry transactions at three different gasLimit levels before sending an error to the end-user. This should allow more transactions to succeed without the aforementioned error. This update is integrated for the following functions:
    • Upgrade
    • Stake
    • Send
    • Swap
    • Claim Rewards
  • Local WebSocket Errors Issue Fixed
    We have implemented an updated build and release process for the Chrome Web Store to ensure proper testing prior to the final public updated build being released. This allows us to ensure that no errors are incorporated into the wallet on Mainnet public builds that come from the team’s local copies of the wallet code.
  • Wallet Loading Delay Fixed For the past several releases, users have experienced slow loading issues in the wallet. We have discovered the root cause of the loading delays and implemented a fix for this issue in this build. The primary issue was related to a high number of transactions in the wallet and the manner that these transactions were loaded for display in the wallet UI. The updated fix for this issue allows users to load their wallets quickly and easily.
  • Staking Rewards Not Updating Issue Fixed
    Some users were experiencing an issue where the rewards did not appear to be accruing in the wallet. This issue has been fixed in this build.
  • First Update which Addresses Fee Reduction
    • This is the first update toward fee reduction. This update is a much-needed step toward fee reduction because we have removed the 3rd party dependency and will ascertain gas estimates directly from the blockchain.
    • Additionally, the updates related to EIP-1559 are included in this update as well.
    • We have also implemented further optimizations around the gas limits to help with ETH requirements when executing transactions.
    • We will continue to optimize and include additional fee-reducing measures in future builds of the Coin Wallet.


  • No “Username” Functionality With the AI Assistant We are still working to determine the best path forward for our @<Username> functionality within the AI assistant. We currently have a working solution on this; however, it currently requires database storage to associate with wallet and 2FA with a phone number linked (as well as dependencies on third-party services such as our current partner - Twilio). This makes the current solution centralized which veers against our vision. We are exploring other solutions to remain fully decentralized with the user wallet address while still allowing the end User to create a <Username>.
  • Swap Fees Between ERC20 to ERC20 Tokens May Still Be High Due to the constant fluctuations in the base gas fee on the ethereum chain the amount stated at the time of your transaction for fees may differ from the actual fee you pay for the transaction. This is not something we can control completely, however; we attempt to mitigate this by doing several calls to the price oracle prior to the actual transaction occurring. This process allows for a higher number of successful transactions in the wallet. Swap fees between tokens require multiple locks and transactions with the swap smart contract. The fees can add up and be very costly depending on the prices of gas for the respective blockchain at any given time. In some cases, swap fees may be very for certain transactions and low for others. We will continue to address this further in future builds. Please note that this is a standard-issue with most atomic swap-type wallets/DEXs in the industry. We are continuing to explore ways of addressing the high fees for these swaps in future releases of the Coin Wallet and have devised a solution that addresses this in future builds.
  • Tokens Not Listed on CoinGecko Will Have No Dollar Values The Coin Wallet retrieves pricing data from the CoinGecko API. Therefore, if you add a token that is not listed on CoinGecko, though the token (if it is entered correctly) will be added, there will be no dollar amount for this token displayed in the wallet. We are working toward addressing this issue by incorporating additional pricing oracles beyond CoinGecko in future releases.
Last modified 1yr ago