Release Notes



Coin Wallet and DEX
    Support for the Chrome browser -
    Anonymous wallet creation
    Import seed phrases from existing or wallets
    Seed phrase generation and retrieval
    Switch between MainNet and TestNet networks
    1 Hour wallet auto-logout
    Network speed options for all outbound transactions (sending, exchanging, upgrading ($COIN), and staking ($COIN) tokens)
    Non-custodial storage and trustlessly send and receive the following tokens:
      Coin ($COIN)
      Bitcoin (BTC)
      Ethereum (ETH)
      DAI (DAI)
      Binance (BNB)
    Cross-chain exchanges between the following tokens direct from your wallet with atomic swap smart contracts:
      $COIN ← → Bitcoin
      $COIN ← → Ethereum
      $COIN ← → DAI
      Bitcoin ← → Ethereum
      Ethereum ← → DAI
      Bitcoin ← → DAI
    Upgrade to the latest version of the $COIN utility token
    Stake the $COIN in your Coin Wallet and claim staking rewards
    Transaction history for all outbound transactions including direct links for viewing on blockchain explorers
Market Data
    View and search market data, charts, and statistics for all cryptocurrencies in the industry
Coin Network
    View Coin data and token statistics in the overall Coin Network
Coin Staking
    View individual $COIN staking statistics and the overall Coin network
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