What’s New

  • Wallet connect and support for Metamask -​
  • Wallet connect and support for Coin Wallet -
  • Network speed options for all swap transactions
  • Support for all web browsers
  • Cross-chain exchanges between the following tokens direct from your wallet with atomic swap smart contracts:
    • $COIN ← → Bitcoin
    • $COIN ← → Ethereum
    • $COIN ← → DAI
    • Bitcoin ← → Ethereum
    • Bitcoin ← → DAI
    • Ethereum ← → DAI


  • Assets not displaying correctly when attempting to swap COIN for DAI
  • COIN to DAI swaps not executing properly
  • Animated confirmation screen appears without wallet confirmation
  • Unable to toggle between USD and asset amount
  • No error message displayed for input errors
  • All swaps create a continuous signature request loop
  • Unable to connect wallet to initiate swap
  • CORs error when connecting Metamask wallet
  • General network issues
  • Error message pop ups do not retract automatically
  • Unable to connect Coin Wallet with Web3 injection enabled

Known Issues

  • Wallet connection request when both Metamask and Coin Wallet are enabled causes the Coin Wallet to initialize although Metamask was selected for connection
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