About Coin


Coin is a digital decentralized network composed of protocols, smart contracts, dApps, and services that help facilitate the transfer of value across the Internet. Coin seeks to create an open financial system composed of decentralized solutions that empower consumers to execute financial transactions with freedom and simplicity.

Coin dApps

Coin Wallet is an all-in-one decentralized cryptocurrency wallet, exchange, and AI assistant. Coin Wallet includes a native cryptocurrency wallet and exchange for users to store and swap popular digital assets directly with each other. Unlike many other decentralized exchanges, swaps can occur cross-chain across different blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, and more.
Coin Wallet is non-custodial, lives in a browser extension, and is non-susceptible to hacks as users are the only people that have and can access their funds. For exchanging assets, Coin Wallet uses atomic swap technology to handle direct peer-to-peer transactions across different blockchains. Coin’s integrated AI assistant transforms the traditional financial experience by highlighting and providing insights for blockchain-specific keywords on any web page. Additionally, the Coin AI enables users to execute transactions by simply typing a command in any input field. The combination of decentralized P2P technology, cross-chain interoperability, and AI integration, creates a secure and unparalleled experience to help consumers easily manage their digital assets.
  • Store and manage your BTC, ETH, BNB, and COIN
  • Native cross-chain exchanges directly with other users
  • Completely private and anonymous with no KYC
  • AI Integration for data insights and faster transactions
  • Seamless conversational user experience
Coin Swap is a P2P cross-chain decentralized exchange that is compatible with any Internet web browser. It utilizes the same atomic swap technology in the Coin Wallet; however, does not include a native wallet and the Coin AI assistant. This enables users to connect their favorite web3 cryptocurrency wallet (including Coin Wallet) and does not require the installation of a browser extension.
  • Native cross-chain exchanges directly with other users
  • Completely private and anonymous with no KYC
  • Seamless conversational user experience
  • Support for popular Web3 cryptocurrency wallets

Coin Staking

Coin Staking is a smart contract that enables users to deposit and earn additional $COIN™ rewards by lending their existing holdings. Staked tokens earn rewards and are returned in $COIN™ from the Coin staking reserve.

Coin Governance

Governance rights are a basic feature of Distributed Autonomous Organizations that entitle holders to influence the direction of the related products and services or basic protocol decisions. Governance rights help build community as token holders can be participants in the governance process and ensure decisions are not made solely by centralized parties or individuals.
Coin Governance is a smart contract that enables token holders to vote on the company and community-related decisions. This can include but is not limited to, protocol upgrades, features, exchange listings, and more. Token holders can deposit $COIN™ into the smart contract for an equivalent weighted value in votes. Thus, allowing larger token holders to have a larger influence on all proposed votes.

$COIN™ Token

Central to the Coin ecosystem is the $COIN™ token; a digital cryptonized asset and network access token that will enable holders to execute Coin smart contracts, stake interest, execute governance rights, and more. $COIN™ is a store of value, unit of account, record of investment, the primary means of exchange used to pay for the execution of all smart contract code, and for compensation to liquidity providers/stakers in the Coin ecosystem. $COIN™ also represents a stake in the Coin protocol and is the voting currency for all proposed protocol and platform changes by the community. Coin Reserve is a pool of tokens that are used as a means to supply tokens to reward long-term stakers of $COIN™. Network revenue will be used for $COIN buybacks and then deposited into the Coin reserve for continuous replenishment to reward stakers (creating a continuous cycle and balanced flow of funds).
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